idea AKA “groups are great but make my head explode”

Preamble : KISS – Keep it simple, stupid
Twitter Preamble : Twitter is simple, when I’m logged in I just see my friends notices, really simple: I CAN FOLLOW MY FRIENDS (that’s the point).

Problem : Avoid information overload

In this is not possible (am I wrong?), I can see :
• my notices at
• my notices AND my friend notices AND my groups notices at (titles “You and friends”, not true). Too much information for me. What I miss is a place where I can see just the notices of mine and my friends.

Solution (simple)

When I am logged in I can see a tab called “Friends” pointing to where I see my notices and the notices of my friends. This is still consistent with the other URLs.


The solution is simple, consistent and IMHO it is a HUGE usability (and productivity) improvement. Oh and a good thing for our heads of course ;)

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